• Seafood Classics

      Seafood Classics served over or with a side of Pasta and with your choice of our House or Caesar Salad.

    • Red Snapper Francese » $21.95


      Hand cut filets of snapper, egg dipped and sauteed in a lemon butter and white wine sauce.

    • Shrimp & Lobster Milano » $25.95


      Shrimp, and large pieces of Lobster sauteed in creamy Lobster Sauce. Served over Angel Hair pasta.

    • Shrimp Scampi » $21.95


      U.S. Jumbo Gulf Shrimp baked with fresh herbs, spices and seasoned bread crumbs in a garlic butter sauce. Served over angel hair pasta.

    • Shrimp fra Diavlo » $21.95


      U.S. Jumbo Gulf Shrimp sauteed with fresh herbs and a spicy marinara sauce, served over linguine noodles.

    • Seafood Trio » $22.95


      Shrimp, scallops and chopped sea clams sauteed in herb butter and garlic sauce or a spicy marinara sauce, served over linguine noodles.

    • Linguini Veneto » $19.95


      Chopped sea clams sauteed in a herb and garlic butter sauce or a spicy marinara served on a bed of linguine noodles.

    • Salmon Linguini » $21.95


      Grilled salmon chopped and simmered in our rosatella cream sauce. Served over linguine noodles.

    • Ciopino “True Italian Seafood Classic”

      Ciopino “True Italian Seafood Classic” » $31.95


      Snapper, Clams, Mussels, Shrimp, Scallops and Crab Legs, Steam and Simmered in a Spicy White Wine Garlic Tomato Sauce. Served over Linguine Noodles.