Dolci (Sweets)

TiramisuTranslated means “pick you up”. Espresso soaked Ladyfingers covered with a mixture of whippeed cream and mascarpone cheese then topped with cocoa powder. $4.25
Cheesecake(Philadelphia Cream Cheese) $3.95
Cheesecake(Philadelhia Cream Cheese)With your choice of Strawberry or Amaretto $4.25
Chocolate or Plain CannoliTraditional Italian pastry shell filled with sweet ricotta & chocolate chips
Chocolate $4.25
Plain $3.95
Chocolate Layer CakeLayered Chocolate Cake with cocolate filling and a rich chocolate icing $4.25
Pecan Caramel Fudge PieThe name says it all $4.25
SpumoniPistacho and rum flavored, very rich ice cream $3.95
Vanilla Ice CreamRich and smooth ice cream $2.95
Bambino Sundae (for the little ones)Vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce & whipped cream $.79

Coffee Drinks

Zia’s CoffeeSambuca w/Columbian coffee & whipped cream $5.00
Irish CoffeeIrish Whiskey w/Columbian coffee & whipped cream $5.00
Italian CoffeeAmaretto & Cream w/Columbian coffee & whipped cream $5.00
Mexican CoffeeKaluha & Cream w/Columbian coffee & whipped cream $5.00